Refund Policy

All refund queries should please be sent 8-10 days after delivery or the delivery date, you can send an email to

- A refund will be approved if the wrong size or wrong order has been sent to you.

- A refund will be approved if your dress has major manufacturing issues which are not fixable by alterations and has not been approved by quality control.

- A refund will be approved if your dress has not been delivered after 25 weeks or as otherwise discussed.

- All changes and any alterations on the dress after ordering will be at your own cost, and we do have an in-house tailor.

- Please do note that no refunds will be approved if we receive incorrect information regarding the colour of your dress, the type, the size or the wrong delivery address. Therefore please review your order at least twice before you submit it.


- No refunds will be approved for unforeseen circumstances which the Fynbos Bridal team does not have direct control over, such as Customs and Post Office Delays.

- No refunds will be approved on any dresses that are on Sale.

- We will not approve any refunds if you imagined the dress would fit differently on you. Please make sure of the style you choose.